Harper’s Weekly, March 18, 1882, page 174 (Illustrated Article)
Every one who will study the quiet and orderly scene presented in our illustration of the Chinese Merchants’ Exchange in San Francisco will hope that our Celestial immigrants may be long in acting on the suggestion conveyed in Mr. Nast’s picture on the last page of this paper. The Exchange is neatly fitted up to suit the wants of the Chinese merchants of San Francisco. It is supplied with newspapers and commercial reports, has a fine refreshment-room, and a general hall where the merchants meet to discuss their affairs and interchange views on business matters. Visitors are received with perfect politeness, and everything wears the aspect of refinement and good-breeding. No greater contrast can be imagined than that presented by a concourse of Chinese merchants in this elegant structure and a gathering of "hoodlums" in a grog-shop to rave and howl against these "barbarians."

Chinese Merchants' Exchange, San Francisco
March 18, 1882, page 173

Harper’s Weekly, March 18, 1882, page 174 (Illustrated Article)

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