Blaine Language

March 15, 1879, page 216

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"The Chinamen were terribly taxed by the county authorities; but they always came up promptly, and without a word of complaint paid what was demanded of them....Let me here say that I never, during all my years of intercourse with this people, saw a single drunken Chinaman.  I never saw a Chinese beggar.  I never saw a lazy Chinaman." - Joaquin Miller "The Chinamen.  They are not strikers, rioters, and burners of cities....No; the Creator of us all opened the Golden Gate to the whole wide world. let no man attempt to shut it in the face of our fellow-man." - Joaquin Miller
Blaine Language.
Tramp Nye. "Can this be?  We are ruined by Chinese labor."
Truthful James (G. Blaine). "Which is why I remark,
     And my language is plain,
That for ways that are dark
   And tricks that are vain,
The heathen Chinee is perculiar.
   Which the same I am free to maintain."

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