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called itself the "Journal of Civilization." It lived up to its name by chronicling life in countries throughout the world and by presenting a composite portrait of American society.
This website will make it possible to take a detailed look at the various immigrant and ethnic groups that were a vital part of American culture during the second half of the 19th century.

The Chinese Puzzle

see the introduction to this section.
Within our first feature on immigrant Americans you will find material from Harper's Weekly organized using the seven categories listed below:
Anti-Chinese Movement
China and the World
Ethnic Comparisons
Geographic Regions

The Fisherman (Alias Uncle Sam) And The Genie
"The Genie, slowly rolling himself out of the box in the form of vapor, soon assumed his proper proportions. The fisherman stood aghast on beholding the gigantic size of the demon he had liberated."Arabian Nights' Entertainments.

Harper's Weekly, September 4, 1869

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